Faith Based Show

Jared uses illusions and comedy to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in relevant & engaging ways. For nearly two decades Jared has traveled extensively performing his illusions for many conferences, festivals, outreach events, youth camps, and Upward award nights. He has shared the stage with many artists including Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Third Day, Switchfoot, Newsboys, Toby Mac, Lecrae and many more. “Jared will be an asset to any event you are having 1618519_762764827069662_903574617_nin which you want the gospel presented.” (Mike Winningham, Morris Hill Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN) God called Jared to ministry while he was a student in high school in Baytown, Texas. While in school, he began using illusions, comedy, and even mind-blowing stunts to capture the attention of students and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. “I am always impressed by Jared’s expertise and his heart for God. He always goes above and beyond our expectation.” (Dr. Grant Byrd, FBC McKinney, TX) Jared’s opportunities to share his faith through his illusions increased while he attended college; and presently, he is traveling full-time performing over 120 shows a year. The illusions that Jared performs don’t just entertain and capture the attention of audiences, but are great tools to illustrate the message of the Gospel as well. With his ability to captivate the attention of the audience quickly through humor and exciting illusions, Jared appeals to all ages, denominations, and types of people that attend his shows.



Upward Award Night Show


The Award Night Show is designed for Upward Award Nights. Jared is blessed with the opportunity to be apart of Upward award night celebrations each year. Churches that partner with the Upward sports ministry usually bring in an entertainer like Jared for their end of the season award night. This program is usually open to all the players, coaches, and families that have been a part of the Upward season.

“Jared is very entertaining and does a great job presenting a Biblical message through his program.” (Will Thompson, Flatwoods Baptist Church)


For these award nights it is important to have an entertainer that can not only entertain the audience, but one who can also share the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. This is where Jared comes into play. For these ministry events, Jared has developed illusions and a message that is geared for this type of audience. His message is in line with the mission of the Upward sports ministry.

Through this 45 minute show, Jared’s desire is to take full advantage of the opportunity and share the hope that he has found in Jesus Christ to everyone who attends. 

Non-Religious Public School Show

“Students of all ages where engaged and entertained as Jared emphasized the importance and power of choices and character.” (Tyler Locke – Superintendent Pioneer Schools, Pioneer, OK)

There was a time in his life that doing illusions got Jared into detention. Now it gets him into schools and in front of thousands of students each year. The purpose of Jared doing his show in schools is to both engage and encourage students. He uses illusion, comedy, and stunts to capture the attention of the students. Jared then is able to deliver a message that is engaging, empacting and empowering. Giving them the knowledge they need to make a difference with their lives.


“I thought Jared’s message was clear and effective. He is one of the most entertaining speaker’s we have had at our school. I believe our students got the message and were truly impacted by what Jared had to say. We want him to come back!” (Chris Zurbrugg – Alliance Middle School, Alliance, OH)

Jared understands that the youth of today are under a lot of pressure and are overwhelmed with things that simply were not around 10 years ago. Drugs and alcohol abuse are running rampant among youth people with devastating repercussions. Suicide, violence and sexual immorality are taking thousands of lives everyday in this country. The youth of today are our future, and Jared believes that we must respond to them with compassion and with life applications that they can relate to.


“Jared captivated my students and staff throughout his assembly. His challenges prompted my students to think about their lives from an academic, emotional and physical perspective. I would recommend Jared to other school leaders without reservation.” (Harold Olin – Maxwell Middle School, Maxwell, IN)

Illusionist Jared Hall’s school show is a 30-minute secular program that has been presented to over fifty thousand students nationwide. Administrators and principals alike have praised Jared’s program as one of the most entertaining and most effective school assemblies that they have seen.


“Jared did a wonderful job communicating a very positive message to our students. His heart for young people, his enthusiasm and talent culminated in a performance that really captivated and challenged our student body.” (Dr. Tom Prather – Hillcrest High School, Jackson, MS)


Corporate Show

Over the last twelve years, companies from all over the US have trusted Jared with the task of entertaining and communicating to their employees. Jared has the ability to customize his material and program to fit your needs. He has performed for training seminars, company gatherings, motivational sessions and much more.

Companies like ExxonMobil and Interstate Battery love using Jared because he is able to connect with the audience and deliver a solid message. Theme parks like Six Flags and Cedar Point have partnered with Jared to entertain and encourage crowds of thousands. Jared has even come together with organizations like The Salvation Army and Charles Schwab to raise money for special programs or community projects that they lend a hand to. No matter what your need is… Jared can fill it. ExxonMobil, Student Life, Community Resource Credit Union, Crosby State Bank, Interstate Battery, Hard Rock Live, Universal Studios Florida, Six Flags, Charles Schwab, Chickfila, The Salvation Army, Cedar Point Theme Park and many more are just a few of the companies who have trusted  Jared to produce a quality program for their event.

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Jared is more than an illusionist, he is a minister who desires to point people to Christ. There are many regrets in life, but inviting Jared to your event will not be one of them!

Ed Newton

(Bible Communicator)

You will not regret booking Jared. If you are looking for the best… book Jared Hall. He is truly a professional!

Eric Samuel Timm

(Artist, Speaker & Author)

Jared never ceases to amaze me. Whether on stage or on the bus, his humor and heart make him the life of the party!

Jason Roy

(Singer, Building 429)

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